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Fruit of the Loom

We sell the official Fruit of the Loom t-shirts obtained through the Official UK, EU or USA Distribution Network.

Why choose plain t-shirts from Fruit of the Loom:

  • Established in 1851, meaning you have over 150 years of T-shirt manufacturing experience
  • Consistent quality and colour/size continuity
  • Huge Stock holdings throughout Europe and the World
  • CPSIA Compliance

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Recommended by Screen Printers and Decorators

Printers know how to choose the right t-shirt as their business depends on it.  A low quality fabric also means poor print results once the t-shirt is printed.  Even after decorating the t-shirt shrinkage can also have an effect on the final print.  This why is globally Fruit of the Loom t-shirts are known for their consistent quality and come highly recommended wordwide by various printers.


50,000 t-shirts printed for an urgent project.  No one else had stock.  Wastage was lower than for other brands. Thanks again, I highly reocommend plaint-shirts.co.uk!

Paul Brown (Private)

I've been buying here for over 5 years now and it's the same high quality all the time.  Not work taking the risk with other brands that shrink and fade too quickly

Simon Garay (Private)